Running: the gift and even more races!

The entire month of July I was chained to my desk.  I tried to get the odd work out in here and there but it truly was just here and there. This makes for a very unhappy Gillian.  During this time I was unbearably miserable and miserable to the people around me. Not a good place to be.  I actually was a little concerned at how much of an impact it had on me.  I suppose if I ever am truly unable to run or exercise for that matter I would come up with another hobby.  This is why when I saw this post on facebook I had to share it as it resonated with what I was thinking:


A little update on my long list of injuries, despite my continued efforts to fix the plantar fasciitis it still is very much a daily pain.  I’ve been rolling, stretching and wearing my foot brace.  I have not been back to my ART guy just from lack of time in July but last week I started something new – Muscle Activation Technique.     Here is the link to what it is exactly :  .  The procedure seems to work while I’m on the table. I notice huge differences when we test the strength in the muscles being worked on.  Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to carry over into actual running.  I’ve been a few times and have been doing the “homework” exercises so I will give it sometime.  It’s just, like everything, costly so when I don’t see results translate I get frustrated.  I continue to suffer from extremely tight glutes while running and pain in my heel.   The closer and closer it gets to the marathon date which is October 7th the more my dream of PR’ing this year is unlikely.  Right now if I can actually run the entire marathon it will be a miracle.  I did run two races in July – the rock n’ roll Half Marathon and the Terrapin 5K in both cases I was finished at about 30-50 seconds slower than my PR pace. 

I finished the RNR half in 1:49:06 an 8:20 pace about 50 seconds off of my planned pace and 33/996 in my age group.  Granted, it was a stinking hot day, which is always hard to PR in. The lack of speed training and training overall really showed here.  However, I surprisingly felt better than I expected :).   My BG’s can be found here:    RNR half dexcom 72212      as you can see I got off to a bit of a rocky start mainly as a result of the timing of my bagel and the insulin kicking in then I forgot to bolus for the plethora of post-race snacks being handed out. Doh!     I finished the Terrapin 5k in 23:11 a 7:29/miles pace or about 30 seconds/mile off my PR.    Had I started closer to the front I may even have done a little better and I had a shoelace retie mid mile, totally forgot to double knot. My BG at the end of this one was dreadful at 391 L. I really only entered this race because I got to see our swim coach Trevor’s band was playing at the end of the race. The boyfriend also ran it so it was nice to do a race together and have some fun afterwards.  I was so proud of him, he managed to maintain a 10 minute mile which was great!

I’ve also been getting in some 80+ mile rides in an “attempt” to train for the Oregon race (see race schedule) .   I don’t have any set goals for the race but I also don’t want to fall flat on my face! I have been enjoying these rides because they are not part of a training plan and I have no time goals, its just riding for the sake of enjoying riding my bike.  I’m mostly worried about the 3 mile swim.  I’ve been getting in some decent 1-2 mile lake swims but I’ll need to do at least two 3 milers in the next few weeks to feel comfortable with that distance.

Next up on the race schedule is a half ironman this Sunday.  Not expecting a PR here either given the injuries.  I will look to improve my swim time and will ride the hell out of the bike though! The weather is suppose to be nice and cool it should be a great day! You can track me here:

In other exciting news I have officially signed up for my first cyclocross race!!! Its on August 26, 2012 and I am doing it as a relay with my friend April.  I know nothing about it except that its on dirt, you have to get on and off your bike and carry it over barriers and/or sand etc.  Should be a cake walk right?  Right? See video here:  Oh and they also toss beer at you/to you while you are riding.  This could also mean a new bike is in my future :). Stay tuned!


About Gillian

I am a type 1 diabetic diagnosed at the age of 30. I run marathons, participate in bike races , ironman triathlons and everything in between.
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  1. Clare says:

    G- I’ve had MAT work done with Skip at FFC Old Town – he’s amazing. It does take consistency, homework, frequent visits and gets great results. Stick with it!

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