Leadville training week 7?!!!!!


I can’t believe I’ve been training for Leadville now for 7 weeks, my plan was to blog every week but time has been a tough commodity to come by lately.  In order to make things work these last few weeks I’ve had to give up my writing, give up some sleep and admittedly on occasions given up shower time ! 😉 Baby wipes were my shower on some days.

Before I get into the last 7 weeks, in case you missed it. Here is VisionQuests VQ and you posting this month:  http://www.visionquestcoaching.com/2013/04/06/vq-you-gf/

My work goes through quarterly busy cycles (no pun intended :)) which involves working 12 + hours a day and weekends for at least 3 weeks straight. Although between year end and quarter end it feels like its been 4 month straight.  It isn’t easy fitting in 12 hours of biking in on top of the work hours.  Its draining both mentally and physically.  Training has been ramping up, weekday rides have become longer 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours, we’ve added 1 additional weekday ride on Wednesdays and weekend rides on both days have become longer 3-4 hours.   To add fuel to the fire mother nature has been very unco-operative.  Record rain falls have put roads and trails underwater. Not to mention the temperatures have also been below average. What has been a challenging month was made even more challenging.  Last weekend we had 3 longer rides scheduled in a row – Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  I managed nearly 3 hours that Friday night which included riding through snow storm. Four hours on Saturday along the lake and finally a 3 hour ride on Sunday in the suburbs on the road with April and Melissa to get in some hills.  I completely misjudged how hard a ride would be when you are on a mountain bike and your two girlfriends are on road bikes, I could barely keep up!

My typical weeks look like this:

Monday – Funtional Training – core weights etc.

Tuesday – Threshold workouts which have been getting progressively longer we are now at 2 hours of cycling with 3 20 minute intervals at 95-100 % of threshold.

Wednesdays – I would try to get my swim in but we have now added a mid-week sub max ride to this schedule. 2-3 hours.

Thursdays – 1 1/2 hours of riding at tempo – faster paced.

Friday – rest

Saturday – 3 hours with 3 20 minute threshold intervals mixed in

Sunday – We are up to 4 hours steady pace.

For the most part i’ve kept up with all the required training however this week I had to bail on the Wednesday workout and squeezed in sometime on the bike on Thursday morning by adding on to my commute.  I also just took today off, we celebrated meeting our work deadline last night, I may or may not have had a few too many.  So I gave myself a break and opted for 2 hours of hip opening yoga.

Emotionally I’ve been holding it together, with a couple of meltdowns here and there. With trails being closed, the weather and work I was getting discouraged. In addition other club members were in Solvang,  California at a 5 day cycling camp which included 30,000 feet of climbing.  I think I’ve climbed 500 feet at most!

I am tracking my workouts here on Strava.  http://app.strava.com/dashboard

What have I been riding you ask?  Shopping for a mountain bike was another big time consumer. I spent hours in bike shops on ebay and craigslist.  I had hoped to buy something from one of the local bike shops but I ended up finding a beauty on ebay.  My main goal was to get something as light as possible. The lighter the bike the “easier” leadville will be, if you can use easy and leadville in the same sentence that is.  Meet Rocky Alexander, the new member of my bike family.  He weighs in at a meer 21 pounds.  He is a Trek Superfly 100 – Carbon frame, XTR groupo and a beautiful new SID world cup shocks with remote lockout. He is more bike than I could ever hope for.

new mountain bike

new mountain bike

I’ve taken some fun pictures along the way.

Here is where I had to turn around on the trail because it was about a foot under water.

Underwater trail

Underwater trail

TThis was one of the few days that the sun actually showed up.

Sunny day

Sunny day

This was my Friday night “snow” ride was attempting to ride on a trail but as you can see the entrance and picnic area was all underwater.

picnic area underwater

picnic area underwater

Here is the result of the snow I rode through.


This is the view from the only hill along the lakefront trail.

The Toboggan Hill.

The Toboggan Hill.

Finally, between stress and work I have had some rough blood sugars to deal with.  May will be my month of getting it back together.

dexcom reading

dexcom readin


Well time to head off to bed 5 am wake up for crazy dave’s half marathon.  A fun little race that friends put together, no entry fees, no t-shirt just some fun with friends Tom has been training pretty hard for it and I expect him to PR!  I was planning on running it but have not found the time to train.  My running has been very sparatic at best.  Once in a while in order to get a run in I’ll run part way to work.  I figure with the 50 pound back pack it will be good hike a bike training at the very least! I’ll be on my bike riding the course cheering everyone on!

Full back pack complete with cycling gear and laptop!

Full back pack complete with cycling gear and laptop!


About Gillian

I am a type 1 diabetic diagnosed at the age of 30. I run marathons, participate in bike races , ironman triathlons and everything in between.
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