Protein Pancake and Bolus nirvana

Ever since I tried to go Paleo I have fallen in love with my protein pancake.  It is my favorite part of the day.  The morning with my coffee, my protein pancake with almond butter and blueberries on top.  It is the reason why I dilly dally in the morning and essentially takes me forever leave the house and why I find it hard to workout in the morning.  I look forward to that time SO much. Although it takes a bit of time to make I am addicted.  It has however been a love/hate relationship because I loved the flavor I loved how it filled me up, I loved how it wasn’t over carby, however  I could never figure out how to bolus for it.  In my mind the only carby thing was the banana and the fruit and I think the word “protein” totally threw me off. Proper bolusing and also proper reduction for my commute to work seemed to be impossible.   Today I am pleased to announce that not only did I perfect the pancake (see picture below) but I perfected my bolusing!   I bolused for 45g carb then reduced it by 1/3 rd.  I was 165 when I left my house and 101  by 10am.  Yay!  I finally figured out how not to come crashing down at work. Now if I can just repeat these exact conditions at the same time every day  I should be good!  Ha!

Here it is!

The recipe for those who want to try this is as follows:

Mix together the following: mashed banana, 1 scoop of protein powder (any flavor), 1 egg, 2 tbsp of almond milk, 2 tbsp of ground flax seed. Pour into frying pan and just like regular pancakes when it starts to bubble flip it.   Holy Yum! 🙂


About Gillian

I am a type 1 diabetic diagnosed at the age of 30. I run marathons, participate in bike races , ironman triathlons and everything in between.
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