Grazing and morning exercise


Last night I attended a charity event at Goose Island Brewery.  My CDE (certified diabetes educator) is the founder for the charity  Slamdunk Kids  for Diabetes Basketball Camp.  A wonderful charity that offers free basketball camps to kids with diabetes.  I left work and ran a couple of errands on the bike before the event I ‘d had a banana around 3pm and bolused for its 20g of carbs my basil went to its normal .45 units/hour at 3pm. As I got to my second stop I felt the low again (62!).  Lately i’ve been going low a lot.  I blame it on my new mantra of bolusing for everything.  Anyhow I got to the American Diabetes Association offices where I was picking up my ride packet for the tour de cure this sunday and consumed 3 clif blocks ( again eating to make up for my lack of carbs) grrrrrr!  I hopped back on my bike and headed to the event.   They had awesome finger foods out.. fish taco’s, pizza, pretzel rolls with cheesey jalapenos gooeyness in them.  I’m a sucker for bar food and good beer. Snacking or grazing is usually a diabetic nightmare to bolus for.  I bolused 2-3 units here and there but my BG still shot up to 290. Then there was the bowl of crispy/spicy/sugary chips at each table that I just couldn’t stop eating.  I am telling myself that this is ok because I’m giving myself a break after ironman.   After the event, I rode home (3 miles) in hopes that it might help with the high BG’s but alas those thick juicy simple carbs were a force to be reckoned with and I sat at a hefty 325 at 10 pm.  Which of course carried on into the morning even the 1.0 unit I gave myself at 2am in the morning didn’t make a dent in it, waking up at 200ish.

I am working at home today and my plan was to get up early to go for a bike ride however  it was too easy for me to skip that so my alternative was doing some drills on my treadmill.  I wanted to do something after last nights binge and my high bg in this morning. In my down time (i.e. when i’m not training for an ironman or eating bad bar food)  i’m trying to do exercises that will alleviate some of my tight hamstring and plantar fasciitis issues so that I can head into marathon training with a healthy body.  I’m notoriously bad at stretching or anything that doesn’t involve going balls to the walls feeling like i’ve really worked out :). I have a pair of vibrams that a friend (Lorrie – team wild)  gave me which I had yet to really try so I spent the next 15 minutes trying to get my little piggy’s into their appropriate little house. My baby toes curl in under the next toe so this is no easy task! I hopped on the treadmill and did some side steps and backwards running to get the heartrate going and to use some muscles around my feet and ankles that I might not normally use on an average run (total approx 15 minutes).  Then I walked while doing some arm strength training with a band followed by some 1 minute sets of sit ups, planks, down dogs, dynamic stretching etc.  Mornings are tough because I usually love to eat breakfast and drink my coffee right after I get up (its my relaxation hour), I need to break myself of this habit because in reality although the downtime is good for you there will be days when I need to get up and run or bike and I won’t necessarily have time to have a chillaxing breakie and coffee! So I need to figure out how to do that and still manage the diabetes.  That is, figure out what happens when I workout in the morning without eating or if I have a light snack etc.  This morning I skipped my usual breakfast of a protein pancake and fruit and snacked on half a banana pre-exercise (no bolus) then finished it up with other fruit and almond butter with coffee of course (bolus 3.5 units BG 260).  Pre-lunch I am sitting at 136 – yay!

Anyway, this went on way longer than I planned but  if you get a chance check out

Have a great day!


About Gillian

I am a type 1 diabetic diagnosed at the age of 30. I run marathons, participate in bike races , ironman triathlons and everything in between.
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