Perfect storm for procrastination

Perfect-Storm-in-Social-Network-acceptanceIt was one of those days today. It went from getting up at 7 to drive to Indiana to do some single track to getting up much later and riding out to botancal gardens and back.

The perfect storm was:

  1. Going out on Friday night.  It wasn’t a late night by any means but late enough to be an excuse.
  2. Palos, the local single track trails was closed yet again because of the rain during the week / hence the Indiana fall back plan.
  3. It was cold and shitty out.
  4. I was getting over a cold.
  5. I had never been to the trails in Indiana.
  6. I wasn’t meeting anyone and didn’t have any particular time line.
  7. Stepping out my door and riding vs. driving an hour to ride to another hour to drive home seemed so much simpler.

My previous post mentioned that I could finally put my winter bike gear away.  Well mother nature really made me choke on those words.  Today I went out complete with leg warmers, full shoe covers, head band, mid-weight winter gloves and mid-weight fleece lined jacket.  Seriously!!!!

Well, although it took me a while to get out I had a great ride.  Over 4 hours and 54 miles.
After being on the road all last weekend it was nice to get on some trails in the north branch trail.. although I ended up venturing out into some unknown territory which not only made me back track more than once but also made me feel a little uncomfortable and some points.  Once single track offshoot I rode on took me down a path where a large man was walking the opposite direction, he smiled and I smiled. As I was riding away I coudn’t help but think this man could put a knife/a bullet / a dart in my back right now, not sure why I got freaked out.  I kept riding and got to a fallen tree, thinking oh great he’s going to catch up with me or i’m going to have to go back where he will be hiding in the bushes to get me.  Not wanting to back track I lifted the bike over the tree and crawled underneath.  I could hear traffic so I thought surely I had reached one of the underpasses or overpass.. no such luck it was the highway and a deadend.  I HAD to go back.  Luckily I didn’t run into the man again. 🙂

It was a great ride, I had gread blood sugars.  I was sort of testing myself out by not overeating.  I had 2 litres of water with about 4 scoops of skratch and a sleeve of shotblocks.  Over all my bg’s were within 100-150 the entire time.  You could see the increase each time I had a couple of blocks.  Interesting.

So I guess my point is sometimes plans fall through.  That is ok the trails in Indiana will still be there.  I still got a good ride in once I got going.

Tomorrow I’m riding indoors for the first time in a while, subbing at FFC computrainer.  The plan is to do a good hilly course!


About Gillian

I am a type 1 diabetic diagnosed at the age of 30. I run marathons, participate in bike races , ironman triathlons and everything in between.
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