The dreaded track, a chicago gem and don’t ground me mr. dentist

First things first, I made it to the track again this morning! Yay me! 🙂  two weeks in a row.  I still had to talk myself into it, which took way too long in the morning which made me late again.  But I’m allowing that right now until the momentum builds and it becomes a habit to get up at the butt crack of dawn to do something that is so painful and dreadful that I’d rather have needles in my eye (okay that is a little dramatic but you get the point).  So I woke up at 5 am and it took a half hour to convince myself to get up.  Its now 5:30, I put on my running clothes immediately because if I don’t it will be too easy to go back to bed.  I told myself the night before that I’ll just get up grab my stuff and go… easy peasy.  Instead I made coffee and ate a banana with almond butter.  I tested at 250 but didn’t bolus because I was about to exercise immediately afterwards. Its now 6 am and I am supposed to be at a track at 6:15 that is at least 20 minutes by bike (heavy/panier loaded bike that is).  I head out and of course there is a massive head wind.  It is the windy city afterall.  And my legs hurt from the computrainer threshold testing the night before.  Double whammy! I get to the track stretch a bit, drink some water then get started with the next interval #5 I heard them say. 5 of what I have no idea.  Last week they did miles.  So I ran based on thinking that I was going to run a mile.  Well, it ended up to be only 400’s this week.  Luckily my plantar fasciitis didn’t act up so I got in 8 400’s at a decent pace (they had done 12).  Then I tested – BG 385 oops!  Silly me, it had been a good 9 months since i’d been to the track and I forgot that the fast paced/adrenaline pumping runs actually caused my BG to go up.  Apparently the ride there didn’t do anything.  I quickly gave myself 2.5 units to fix it.

My plan was to head to the gym to shower then go to my dentist appointment for 8am.  Well, I got to the gym and searched my bag for my bike lock but of course it wasn’t there.  In my rush this morning I forgot it, I also forgot my cell phone.  No shower for me!   Not only that what was I going to do with my bike at the dentist!  At this point I didn’t have time to go to the office, even if i did I would need to leave it out unlocked… no good.  So I decided to go to Millenium park where I was sure they still had a bike valet, where people who commute by bike can leave their bike in a secure area.  After riding around a bit I finally found it (its now 7:45).  It is actually called the McDonald’s cycle center and IT IS AMAZING.  They have lockers, showers, bike repairs AND ta da!  bike locks you can rent!  Woohoo for $5 I got to go where I wanted to go with my bike.  Here is the link –  Again, this place is genius and it was busy! A true gem in the city.

I made it to my 8am dentist appointment in the nick of time albeit a little sweaty, smelly and still wearing my workout gear.  I’m sure I looked like Dennis the Menace with my hair flying everywhere, sweat and dirt stains on my legs! I get taken in and the hygienist asks her usual questions.  Then the diabetes questions-  How is your blood sugar, are you under control?(are we ever under control?) After my soso response – Do you visit your doctor regularly?(No, I just right my own prescription for insulin!)What was your last reading?(Here we go) Me – 385 . Her – That’s really high  (No shit sherlock), how do you feel?  Me – fine (lets get on with the teeth cleaning).  So she disappears and in walks the dentist.  He is literally looking at me like I’m his teenaged daughter who has just been caught smoking. Dentist – Whats going on with your blood sugar? (what I have a high reading and its the end of the world) Me – yeah it was high this morning Dentist – Did you eat breakfast? (What’d the hell does that have to do with anything) Me – yes at 5:30am, I ran trak this morning and I forgot that it drives my blood glucose up. Dentist – interesting (yeah I bet).

And that was the end of that.  Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the concern.  But I was in NO mood for the third degree!!! FYI – I was a nice 98 by the time I got to the office – take that!


About Gillian

I am a type 1 diabetic diagnosed at the age of 30. I run marathons, participate in bike races , ironman triathlons and everything in between.
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  1. Angela Past says:

    It is funny seeing this just today. I just did track for the first time this year (and I also hung out in bed way too long trying to convince myself to go) and I ended at 356 because I also forgot about adrenalin etc. I had put my basal down to what I use for endurance. Oh dear. Glad I am not alone and glad I didn’t have to tell anyone my number!.

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